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Trieste's cuisine

Trieste's cuisine reflects the human and historical reality of the city. Trieste was a prestigious economic and cultural center of international level and gathered for centuries very different people and culinary traditions. From that diversity came a particularly varied and tasty cuisine that has admirably succeeded in combining Mediterranean and Central European gastronomy (e.g. the former Habsburgic Central and Eastern Europe).

The peculiarity of the traditional Trieste cuisine are not only seafood recipes and dishes, justified by the presence of fish rich waters of the Adriatic, but also meat dishes, thanks to the traditional ties of the city with the Carsic hinterland and the Danube region.
In fact, the seafood dishes of Trieste are predominantly inspired by the Venetian-Istrian and Dalmatian tradition, while the meat specialties are linked to the Central European gastronomy. Also the first courses are particularly tasty and various, and the desserts are considered to be among the finest in Italy.
Taken from Wikipedia "La Cucina Triestina".
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